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Cash Flow 101
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Financial Planning

Want to learn the basics of cash flow management and take control of your finances? Download the "Cash Flow 101" e-book now and gain access to valuable information and strategies to help you forecast cash flow, identify and address cash flow gaps, and manage your cash flow on a day-to-day basis. Simply enter your contact information and click the button to receive your free guide.

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“I can’t say enough about what GeneralCents Accounting has done for our Business! They are simply Amazing and have created what once was chaos into complete financial organization for us. It has allowed us to have the freedom we were looking for. ”

Dr Andrew Kellogg
Founder - Functional Wellness

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Clockwork AI
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See us on Clockwork

As a business owner, you understand the importance of making informed financial decisions to achieve your goals. But, it can be challenging to predict the future and plan for the unexpected. We've partnered with Clockwork, the leading AI cash flow forecasting tool on the market, to give our clients the advantage they need to secure their businesses and confidently reach their goals.

Confidently reach your goals

Transform your cash flow

Transform your financial understanding and achieve your business goals with GeneralCents Accounting's partnership with Clockwork. See where you're heading with easy-to-understand visualizations and take control of your cash flow with expert guidance. Engage with your options and make informed decisions.

Your financial command center

BackPocket CFO

Unlock financial growth with a BackPocket CFO. Expert accounting management, KPI tracking, and analysis, all accessible to you. A BackPocket CFO is a cost-effective solution for businesses in need of high-level financial management, without the need of a full-time CFO. Get the same level of expertise and support as a full-time CFO, but on a fractional basis.

When to hire a fractional CFO

CashFlow Control

Tired of feeling like you're constantly fire-fighting, playing catch-up, and 'in the dark' with your cash flow and accounting? Are your bookkeeper's attempts not enough to help you and your CPA too busy to provide advice?

You need to take control of your cash flow and make smart financial decisions for your business, but you don't know where to start.

CashFlow Control has you covered. We provide comprehensive strategies and systems to give you the control your business needs to truly excel. Our exclusive platform is designed to optimize cash flow and provide a strong foundation for success, while our expert team helps set you up with the guidance and support needed to take your cash flow to new heights.

Contact us now for an introduction call and take the first step towards anchoring your financial well-being!

Back Pocket CFO

Take control of your cash flow, easily understand all your key numbers, and quickly know where to focus your efforts to make smart decisions for your business with the help of a BackPocket CFO.

Running a business can be tough, and when cash flow is a problem, it can feel impossible. It's essential to have a clear understanding of your current and future financial situation, but without proper communication between you, your bookkeeper, and your CPA, it can be hard to get that information.

And without guidance from an expert in financial strategy, it can be challenging, overwhelming, and frustrating to find the answers you need to optimize your cash flow, anchor your financial wellbeing, and get the security you deserve from a healthy cash buffer and predictable cash flow.


A Guide, Map, And A Compass

We understand that traditional accounting, bookkeeping and CPA services often only provide compliance work with a "business as usual" attitude, leaving you feeling lost and reactive about your cash flow and financial future.

Most people think about their financial future in terms of a single moment -- like tax time or when they're going to retire.

That's like thinking about your health in terms of the day you're going to die.

Not very motivating, is it? Our approach is different.

We see cash flow optimization as a journey with an Accounting Guide and BackPocket CFO that will lay the foundation, provide structure and systems, and build a financial model to track the milestones and successes.

What if you had an Accounting Guide and a personal BackPocket CFO; a team of experts to help you navigate the cash flow landscape and provide stability, confidence, and a clear direction for your journey?

Limited to 10 applicant spots each month. Act fast and schedule a free consultation with us TODAY!

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