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Welcome to GeneralCents Accounting

At GeneralCents Accounting, we understand that as a small business owner, you’re the master of your craft. Whether you're healing bodies at a naturopathic clinic, reinventing spaces with home renovations, providing wellness at a chiropractic or performance fitness center, or offering sage advice as a service business consultant, you've got your hands full!

We believe in a world where numbers behave and financial insights come as easy as your morning coffee. Think of us as your financial baristas, expertly crafting the perfect blend of accounting services to bring ease to your books and zest to your business strategy.

We’re not just bean counters. We’re your stress relievers, your strategy builders, and your financial confidants—all rolled into one perfect blend. Ready to sip on success?

The team at GeneralCents Accounting has been remarkable. I was on the hunt for a reliable bookkeeping company that wasn't a one man show, and had the man power to handle my business and make it a top priority when it came to time efficiency and accuracy. They have been great at getting things switched over from my previous bookkeepers unreliable and inaccurate system, have set my Quickbooks up properly and have just been a pleasure to work with. When it comes to your business your numbers and bookkeeping must be 100% on point at all times. They get things done within a reasonable time period, will be there to answer my questions and help me scale my business. I highly recommend these guys!


Jena K

An Overjoyed Client

Expert Bookkeeping Check-Up

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A One-on-One Session:

We'll sit down for a quick chat to understand your unique business flavor, diagnose the health of your books, and discuss how we can blend our services to craft your success.

Personal Accounting Guide:

Like your favorite coffee blend, we've got the perfect mix for you—a dedicated accounting aficionado who'll be your go-to for all things financial.

Bean Counting:

Our professionals will review your accounting systems to provide that sought-after peace of mind, ensuring your business ledger is as balanced as a well-pulled espresso.

Visionary Blend:

We'll clarify your accounting transaction flow, giving you the full-bodied confidence to pour into your business goals.

Process Perfection:

Identify what's brewing smoothly in your bookkeeping and what's in need of a grind adjustment to minimize financial frothiness.

From Stressed to Blessed:

We'll show you how to turn fire drill financials into streamlined success, moving your accounting from frantic to fantastic.

Strategic Growth Solutions:

Finally, we document the accounting workflows with a complete check-up summary, to start transitioning you to illumination and order.

After the Check-Up

We'll have a quick chat to gather any missing ingredients in your business, so we can move to your Streamlined Bookkeeping Makeover

Step 1 - Schedule Your Check-up

Click the link below and schedule your expert accounting check-up. We'll chat, understand your needs, and explore how we can turn your bookkeeping worries into wins. It's like opening the door to a world where bookkeeping isn’t a headache but a breeze.

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Step 2 - Enjoy Your Bookkeeping Makeover

Our complimentary review, bookkeeping makeover, and a dedicated Accounting Guide come together to create a smooth, effortless experience. Once we connect, the magic starts. It's not just service; it's financial care tailored just for you.

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Step 3 - Continuous Clarity and Insight

You’ll always have a clear view of your key numbers. With regular insights from your dedicated Accounting Guide and GeneralCents Accounting; your enabled to make timely, informed decisions that drive growth.

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